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Trash Guard Plus
(patent # 7276156)

Underground Stormwater Storage Products are becoming more popular as Developers and Commercial Property Owners strive to preserve land space that can ultimately be used as building area to generate more revenue. Underground Stormwater Storage Products can be placed underneath Parking Lots, Roadways, Athletic Fields and other Hard Surface areas. When Installed, these structures will permit volumes of Stormwater runoff to be stored underground and out of sight. The Stored Stormwater can be discharged, reused, or infiltrated into the soil to recharge local aquifers. This eliminates the use of Retention/Detention Ponds that take up valuable real estate, may create safety hazards, insects, weeds, odor problems, and health risks in some sites.

Trash Guard, Inc. redesigned our products for underground storage systems and named them Trash Guard Plus. Rather than open orifices at the top for conventional catch basins, we designed them to stop large floatables, such as Plastic Bags and Unsightly Trash, from entering the storage facility through the large orifices. Floatables large enough to pass through the conventional orifices could clog the entrance to the Underground Storage Facility causing water back ups. Removing trash from the entrance to the storage facility could be much more expensive, and time consuming, than removing it from the Trash Guard protected catch basin.

The Trash Guard Durable Plastic Screens have data demonstrating that not only do they remove 100% of large floatables discussed above, but also mature to function as filters as debris and sediment accumulate. The filters capture large percentages of nutrients (nitrogen & phosphorus) and regulated metals (lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, nickel) and organic carbons such as petroleum products found in parking lot sediments. By removing unwanted trash and sediments from stormwater flows at the Trash Guard protected catch basins, Underground Storage Products last longer because they are not becoming clogged or filled with unwanted trash and debris. Removal of Trash and Sediment from a Trash Guard protected catch basin is much less expensive than from an Underground BMP Storage System once the Post Construction life of a project begins.

BMP Underground Stormwater Storage System being installed below. The Trash Guard Plus can help reduce the maintenance cost of these systems.
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